New forest management of the Coos Bay Wagon Road lands could replace all the revenues Coos County currently receives from the federal county payments "safety net."
Improved forest management of the Coos Bay Wagon Road lands could create and sustain between 1000-2000 jobs.
The Coquille Tribal Forest is the only entity to meet the economic and environmental goals of the federal Northwest Forest Plan.
Coos County has experienced double-digit unemployment for the last 3 years.
(Graphic: South Coast Unemployment 1990-2001; Google Public Data Explorer)
The Coos Bay Wagon Road lands were originally set aside by Congress to help develop a military wagon road along an historic Indian trail between Roseburg and Coos Bay.

Coquille Tribal Forest Management Lauded

“Native American Forestry Combines Traditional Wisdom with Modern Science”

–from The Solutions Journal, November 2011

Coquille Forest timber is keeping local loggers employed and supplying regional family-owned sawmills. And in the summer of 2011, the Coquille Forest received certification under the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), a worldwide certification body that upholds rigorous environmental, social, and economic standards for managed forests…

The Coquilles’ forest-management plan calls for the tribe to manage “intensively for spiritual, cultural, biological, recreation, aesthetic, and economic values”. This requires balancing modern land-management tools and techniques—rooted in the scientific tradition that brought us the industrial social contract and all its blessings and shortcomings—with the traditional ethic of tending, harvesting from, living within, and caring for the land over many generations….

The Coquilles are thoroughly modern forest managers. They use chainsaws and skidders and, when they need to, herbicides. They clear-cut, because clear-cutting is both profitable and biologically appropriate in most Douglas fir forests west of the Cascades. They treat forestry as a moneymaking enterprise, selling their logs to sawmills in Coos and Douglas counties. Yet their mission and values come from 10,000 years of being rooted in a bountiful land….


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